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Smart metering is a solution that projects current trends in technology onto the issue of readings. In general, it uses electronic devices for monitoring individual energy consumption. This information on consumption is most commonly obtained at daily intervals (intervals can be adjusted in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements). It is not necessary to physically collect obtained data; they are automatically collected in one place via data connection. Subsequently, these data are processed, as appropriate, and the resulting data can be distributed to individual users.


Smart metering Zadako allows to monitor and control all common energies and thus to keep the energy consumption under control. Immediate feedback on consumption allows the user to get the costs at minimum level, and the user may save the important resources.


Integration of modern technologies allows to replace the readings carried out by a man by a complex system. Thanks to that, it is not necessary for other persons to enter your premises in order to execute energy reading. This naturally increases the comfort of inhabitants and security of properties.


Simple navigation menu complemented by the appropriate graphical presentation allows customers the quick orientation. When showing the values, it is possible to choose from several types of graphs or basic presentation of measured values in the table. System enriches the complexity by different types of averages, trends, and consumption is converted into the corresponding units. In addition to basic units for each energy, the system converts consumption into financial units so that a customer gets the best idea of its consumption.



The system is adapted for being used by the public, only internet connection and basic Internet browser are needed. The customer can access the system from any place he needs.


The system is designed to be universally applicable. Our application is suitable for all types of devices with an Internet connection and web browser.


The system can be adjusted to satisfy the customer’s requirements. For example, we can mention the collaboration with the DOMUS systems - a solution of company Anasoft or SAP – a system used in the bigger companies. Upon agreement, it is possible to provide the customer with data of various degrees of processing and in various output formats that best meet the customer’s needs.


Our company deals with the issue of readings since 1997, we have gained extensive experience in manufacturing of equipment designed for smart metering during such period. The fact that both, hardware and software, were designed by our society, gives our system with a higher qualitative level. Our system does contain no compromises to fit existing specifications and its development has not been limited by the already existing product .This fact gives us the high flexibility at taking further customization steps.


During the long period of our existence we have established excellent relations with our partner companies that provide high-grade installation of our hardware at the place of an individual contract. The customer may require the installation to be carried out by its own staff, in such case, qualitative procedures are agreed and warranty is preserved.

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