What it the smart metering?

„Smart metering (wise measurement) is a synonym for remote data reading. This means that you do not have to look at the dial plate anymore in order to determine the reading of your water meter, electrometer and gas meter or heat consumption, but all the data will be available for you on your computer or on a mobile device.“

Who makes the billing?

„Facility manager shall be in charge of billing. The fact that billing is performed by the facility manager himself, you can save considerable sums that you have paid so far to the companies profiting from performing the billing services.“

Whom is the system designed for?

„Smart metering system is designed for facility management companies, owners of housing units, as well as owners of family houses.“

Will the periodic trip for data reading still be required?

„No, no periodic trip is longer needed, so your privacy will remain intact and you will not have to provide access to your premises for a stranger.“

What are the requirements for computer configuration?

„The only condition related to the functionality of our web application is a computer with a functional internet connection.“

What are the requirements for a mobile device?

„The application is displayable on any mobile device (mobile phone, smart phone, tablet) with a functional access to the Internet, regardless of the brand and operating system.“

What is the operating life of a device?

„Operating life of devices is limited only by the battery life. At the daily reading, life of batteries is guaranteed for at least eight years. After expiration of such period, there is an option to change the battery and thus extend its life by another period of eight years.“

Is it necessary to have the Smart Energy Zadako system in the whole block of housing units?

„It is not a requirement, but it is recommended to install the system in each apartment in the block of housing units. This will facilitate the work of your facility manager who will have all necessary data in one system.“

It is necessary to install the whole system at once?

„No, it's not necessary; you can install the system in stages. For example, first install the system for collecting data from water meters and later can be added other extensions such as heat, gas, electricity, etc.“

Does the system detect the illegal offtake?

„Yes, our system detects the illegal offtake and notify about it. So the facility manager will be able to identity illegal consumer and owners of apartments do not have to pay collectively for differences resulting from illegal offtake.“

Can the system alert me about the crossing over the set offtake?

„Yes, of course, in our system you can set up notifications for each energy and thus you will be notified of the upcoming crossing of your advance payment. This allows you to have your consumption under full control and save considerable sums.“

What is the price of this complex system?

„The price varies depending on the number of devices you want to install. To prepare a concrete quotation, please contact us and we will prepare it for you.“

In what languages is a mobile and web application?

„Mobile and web application will be prepared in the required language version.“

Is it necessary the system to be installed by your company?

„No, the installation of our system can be carried out by your assemblers. Installation is simple and can be carried out by every skilful and technically talented person.“

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